Safety-net Clinics & Pharmacies

No clinic wants to see patients go without medications they need just because they can’t afford them. With many drug manufacturers ending or severely limiting their institutional Patient Assistance Programs and the federal 340B program under reform, drug donation programs are becoming one of the safest, most stable sources of low-cost medicine.

SIRUM provides a large amount of medications to a select number of safety-net clinics & pharmacies. Our innovative, patent-pending platform makes it easy for recipient clinics & pharmacies to receive a new source of medications. We work closely with our recipient partners to ensure that they receive only medications that meet the needs of their patient population.

Create a formulary

placeit formulary 1:1Our member safety-net clinics & pharmacies enter requests into a “formulary” of their commonly prescribed drugs. Recipients may choose to limit the maximum quantity of these requests.

When a donor enters its surplus, SIRUM shows all matching safety-net clinics & pharmacies and the donor chooses from among them based on factors such as geographic proximity, percent matches, and name recognition.

Manage Inventory

placeit inventory 1:1SIRUM’s platform enables you to receive, verify, shelve, and dispense donated medications. We take care of all the logistics and keep all the necessary records so you can concentrate on patient-care.

We work closely with the legislature & regulators in every state in which we operate in order to ensure that we keep complete acquisition, destruction, and dispensing records in-line with each state’s laws & regulations. Recipients can continue to work with their existing pharmacy software and even maintain a “live inventory” of everything in stock.

  • Increase Access

    Ensure your patients don’t have to choose between their prescriptions and other basic needs

  • Save Money

    Our streamlined system keeps costs low so that members obtain large cost-savings

  • High Quality

    Our closed system ensures quality standards are carefully monitored and maintained

We are actively seeking recipients in California, Colorado, Ohio & Oregon. Email us if your organization is interested!

“By pooling these donations, SIRUM has created a successful program that reduces environmental damage, saves taxpayers money, and improves the health of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Joe SimitianAuthor of California’s Good Samaritan Drug Law

“With medication costs rising year after year, these donations help us extend our resources and provide safe medications to people in our community in need of our service.”


Narinder SinghDirector of Pharmacy Services, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center