Individuals are NOT eligible to donate

Our vision is for every single pill to go to someone who needs it.  Unfortunately for the time being, we are unable to facilitate donations of medicine that have been, or are currently in, the possession of members of the public. We applaud your interest in ending pharmaceutical waste and wish we could assist you.

For states we currently operate in, you can find a proper disposal site at CalRecycle center, Ohio EPA, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, and Oregon Health Authority. The DEA also holds a national drug take-back day. We also urge you to consider contributing money to SIRUM’s efforts to meet the needs of the 50 million Americans who cannot afford the medications they need to stay healthy.

Instead of donating your medication, please contribute money. One donation of $20 enables the pickup, shipping, tracking, and processing of enough medication to save an uninsured family $1,400 in out-of-pocket expenses, on average. Every donation—no matter how small—helps us deliver critical medications to the millions of Americans who need but cannot afford them.

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