Hospitals & Pharmacies

With patients’ medication regimens, change is inevitable, but waste doesn’t have to be. With SIRUM, your hospital or pharmacy can stop wasting time and money destroying medications as hazardous waste—and start sending them to patients in need.

40 states have passed laws protecting drug recycling and providing liability protection to medication donors. We understand how critical compliance is to hospitals and pharmacies and will work closely with you to proactively address any concerns.

Choose where to donate and SIRUM takes care of all the rest—labeling, shipping, record keeping, and tracking. Simply begin collecting unexpired, unopened surplus drugs.  SIRUM will then connect you with eligible recipient clinics in need.

SIRUM will save you time & money by enabling your hospital or pharmacy to donate unused medicine rather than destroy it

“By pooling these donations, SIRUM has created a successful program that reduces environmental damage, saves taxpayers money, and improves the health of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Joe SimitianAuthor of California’s Good Samaritan Drug Law

“With medication costs rising year after year, these donations help us extend our resources and provide safe medications to people in our community in need of our service.”

Narinder SinghDirector of Pharmacy Services, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center