Turn Destruction...

Every year, America’s health facilities spend valuable time and money carefully following the protocols required to destroy over $700 million worth of unused prescription medicine.

...Into Donation

With SIRUM, your health workers can stop wasting valuable time popping pills out of blister packs and squeezing creams out of tubes—and start sending them to patients in need.

Donate in 6 Simple Steps

Donation Benefits

  • Reduce

    drug destruction costs, which can cost up to $3/pound

  • Eliminate

    time-intensive destruction processes to free up staff

  • Lead

    the community in sustainable healthcare practices

  • Receive

    quarterly reports with the estimated number of patients you helped


Kimberley Halper

The team here loves seeing how many patients we help with the donations!

Kimberley HalperDirector of Nursing at Sloan’s Lake Rehabilitation Center
Lucille E. Epperson

It used to be heartbreaking to see medicine wasted when I knew there were people that couldn’t afford it.  Now when we have leftover medicine because residents get better or change types, we can donate it to a good cause.

Lucille E. EppersonAdministrator at Golden LivingCenter - Hillcrest
Jim Gomez

Caregivers with the California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF) are making a significant impact in their communities thanks to SIRUM’S drug redistribution program. Through this unique partnership, our members can donate unused medicine to help low-income Californians, while helping to reduce the environmental impact of pharmaceutical waste.

Jim GomezCEO/President, CAHF
Sally Michael

SIRUM’s medication donation program enables assisted living communities to reduce pharmaceutical waste, help those in need, and save money at the same time. The California Assisted Living Association (CALA) is pleased to be an active supporter of this program.

Sally MichaelPresident, CALA