Can’t return resident medications to your pharmacy?

Donating is easier than destruction! Join the hundreds of facilities around the country that already use SIRUM’s service to help underserved patients.

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+ Service Options

With either option, SIRUM provides all materials and covers shipping and pick-ups.

Full Sort: With the support of philanthropy, SIRUM helps to cover costs, allowing you for free to send any medicine on the high-demand list.

No Sort: To help offset additional costs, you can send all your non-controlled, unopened medicine for a nominal fee of $150/quarter for <100 beds and $250/quarter for 100+ beds.

+ Downloads for More Information

  1. PA SIRUM Intro Docs: including PA Brochure, How To Poster, and Sample shipping label/coversheet.
  2. Draft Policies and Procedures – PA: to help you and your pharmacist consultant develop a policy.

+ Questions?

Read the FAQs below or contact us at [email protected], 650-488-7434, or by scheduling an onboarding here.