Donate your discontinued medicine!

Donating is easier than destruction! Join the hundreds of facilities around the country that already use SIRUM’s service to help underserved patients.

Donation is legal thanks to changes in the Colorado Revised Statute (Article 12-42.5-133). A wide range of licensed entities are able to donate including pharmacies and any health facility licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, assisted living residences and long-term care facilities.

Note: Our original recipient partner, Open Bible Medical Clinic and Pharmacy (formerly TLC Pharmacy) is at capacity. However, we have other eligible nonprofit entities that are accepting donations and their information is detailed below.

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  3. Receive all the supplies you need in about a week.

+ Step-by-Step Guide

+ Service Options

With either option, SIRUM provides all materials and covers shipping and pick-ups.

No Sort: To help offset additional costs, you can send all your non-controlled, unopened medicine for a nominal fee of $250 per quarter.

Full Sort: With the support of philanthropy, SIRUM helps to cover costs, allowing you for free to send any medicine on the high-demand list.

+ Downloads for More Information

  • CO SIRUM Intro Docs: including CO Brochure, How To Poster, and Sample shipping label/coversheet.

+ Questions?

Read the FAQs below or contact us at [email protected], 650-488-7434, or by scheduling a phone meeting here.