Shipping costs for 1 medicine donation (worth ~$1500)

[stripe amount=”500″ billing=”10″]

Shipping costs for 5 medicine donations (worth ~$7500)

[stripe amount=”2500″ billing=”10″]

General operations support

[stripe amount=”5000″ billing=”10″ ]

1 iPad with virtual training software (subsidized)

[stripe amount=”10000″ billing=”2″]

Recruit & train 1 new medicine donor

[stripe amount=”80000″ billing=”5″]


Snazzy new recruitment materials

[stripe amount=”100000″ billing=”5″ ]


Patient impact story & video bank

[stripe amount=”100000″ billing=”5″]

Shipping costs for ALL donations for 1 year

[stripe amount=200000 billing=”5″]

Retrofit a pharmacy to accommodate donations

[stripe amount=”500000″ billing=”5″ ]

Design custom, eco-friendly donation boxes

[stripe amount=”500000″ billing=”5″ ]